With the sun making a rather long appearance in the UK over the past few weeks, I like many have been struggling with the heat.

Fear not an iced beverage is here to save the day. Hibiscus Blossom yes, the iconic beautiful flower often seen tucked behind a Hawaiian ear will make the most stunning iced drink.

The easiest way to make this, pop a couple of our hibiscus blossoms into a jug (heat proof) I would say around two dried blossoms per cup and pour boiling water on, wait for the now stunning red brew to cool before adding ice and a slice.

With its tart taste, like cranberry this is the refreshing way to cool down avoiding anything too sickly sweet with the bonus of antioxidants and vitamin C.

The bright red liqueur makes beverage changing ice cubes adored by young and old.

And if you must 🙄 the perfect cocktail mixer, obviously for research purposes I have experimented tirelessly and Gin, Tequila, and Vodka work surprisingly well.

If you are very clever a fabulous sorbet slightly sweetened with honey.

Don’t let the hot weather or hormonal flushes get you down.