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A rich, bold, and well-rounded cup of tea.

Suitable any time of the day.

About the tea

Gillards of Bath’s first traditionally hand blended recipe.

Back in 1888 when Henry Gillard first established his tea and coffee emporium, it was evident a tea blend had to be created to suit the City’s notoriously hard water. Unchanged for over 135 years this discerning hand blend of finest black and green teas is a closely guarded secret, that has been handed down through the generations. As popular today as it was in 1888.

Although this Bath City Blend works perfectly in a hard water area, (chalk and limestone regions) such as London and the Southeast of England, it does not suit softer water areas such the North of England and Scotland.

Brew Time  2-4 mins

Temperature  95°C

Smaller Leaf Blend