Well, that is the question?

Every week I have customers visit our shop who “love a strong cuppa and only use a tea bag” (supermarket).

With these words, all I can hear is ‘I drink poor quality tea and I’m set in my ways’…I willingly accept the challenge.

Tea dust (please do look this up) is their reality, along with micro plastics from most cheap tea bags… yuck and yes you have been judged. Some would say my approach is a tad harsh but why would you put yourself through this daily ritual of disappointment when the alternative is infinitely better.

And in less than a minutes chat (or gentle lecture depending on your point of view) a loose-leaf tea conversion has been achieved. The joy of flavour profiles, taste, health benefits and value for money have been recognised. The ease and lack of fuss in preparation explained and accepted.

My priority is a happy customer and loose-leaf teas can change lives for the better.

Mission accomplished 😇